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Unlike the current ECO scheme, the Green Homes Grant is available to everyone irrespective of whether you are on benefits or not. All home owners and landlords can apply for up to a £5000* share of the £2bn grant scheme, which is available throughout England, to assist in greatly reducing emissions and saving property owners as much as £600 a year on their energy costs.

  • Do you live in a cold property with solid walls?
  • Do you have a cold attic room?
  • Has funding not covered your property before as you have gas central heating?
  • Have the grants not covered you before because you don’t claim benefits?

We can help you with the installation of Internal WallExternal Wall and Room in Roof Insulation. If your property currently only has single glazed windows, we may also be able to install double glazed windows as an addition to your insulation grant, funded through the Green Homes Grant Scheme.

Improving energy efficiency with solid wall insulation and room in roof insulation offers financial savings on bills and cuts carbon emissions to assist with reaching the Governments climate targets along with their £3bn ‘Green Investment’ package.
*The Government grant will cover at least two-thirds of the cost of the work.

Can I Apply For Green Homes Scheme Grant?